A selection of our projects

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

With our 3D printer of the latest FDM generation, we are able to implement your project ideas in a short period of time to tangible prototypes.

Lampe mit Gestensteuerung

Touchable colors

3D-printed LED-light with gesture control.


Automatic LED-Stair-light

In another project of the "Automatic LED-Stair-light" we used 0,5W-LED-spots on the side of each step.


In cooperation with SKK-lighting, London we developed the minimalistic LED-candle. Platform, as well as energy source are three AA batteries.

A selection of our references


SKK-Lighting (UK)

interactive furniture übernahm für SKK-Lighting in London die Planung und Entwicklung kundenspezifischer, interaktiver LED-Elemente.


Interior Complex (USA)

"It is a smart lighting system, which detects when a person steps on the stairs and activates LED lights to light their way as they go."