LED-controller "Professional" - Made in Germany!

Perfect for high-quality new buildings and residential complexes. 

The "Professional" control module is particularly high performance, making it ideal for premium new buildings and sophisticated development projects. The controller's modular construction permits virtually limitless expansion, and the unit is designed to fit within mains distribution frames. The maximum power is 12W per channel. The control module is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

An optional daylight sensor deactivates system automation during daytime, ensuring the lighting system is switched on only when required. This feature, along with the low power consumption of just 0.5W, offers you considerable power savings. 

Extension modules

6-Kanal LED-Modul

6-channel LED-module

The LED-channals of the controller "Professional 9020" can be extended with this module by 6 addition LED-outputs. By using this module the controller can be extended to 26 outputs. Variantes up to 32 outputs available on request. 





The DIN 43880 housing is designed to fit within mains distribution frames.

Custom settings

All important settings can be calibrated with separate adjusting knobs: Minimum brightness (5020/5014 only), maximum brightness (5020/5014 only) as well as the time the light takes to turn on and off.



The sensor is a motion detector which works without a reflector or a receiving unit at the other end of the step. The small, self-calibrating sensors have to be mounted at each end of the top and bottom steps.


An optional daylight sensor deactivates system automation during daytime, ensuring the lighting system is switched on only when required. 


Through two relay-terminals you are able to connect (waterproof) IR-break-beams or HF-sensors. This allows also - installed in accordance - the outdoor use of the controller "Professional".

Ambient lighting

Unused LED channels can be used to provide additional staircase lighting. These channels are permanently on low dim, but illuminate when the sensor is triggered. Perfect for LED strips in handrails.



The controller "Professional" is voltage-proof to 24V which alows to use 24V LED-spots and stripes. The maximum switching capacity is 500mA per channel - these are up to 1,4m LED-stripe per step.

1st step illumination

The controller allows a continuous (low dim) illumination of the curtail steps, which provides more safety in dark envoirements. The optional light-sensor will also deactivate these channels at daytime.

Home automation

The controller "Professional" can be easily integrated into home automation. This allows you to remotely enable the permanent light function, or to connect external light-sensors.

Made in Germany

interactive furniture stands for quality "Made in Germany" - from development to production. The controller was also tested in an accredited laboratory.

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