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Performance data    
Number of outlets1620      (optional 26)20      (optional 26)This is the number of separately switchable LED outputs for the lighting of the steps. At one LED per step this is the maximum number of illuminable steps.

Guideline: A staircase in the new building has usually 14 to 16 steps, stairs in the old building a few steps more.
Supply voltage10-24 V DC10-24 V DC10-24 V DCFor LEDs with a supply voltage higher than 12V (eg 24 V LED strip) the increased dielectric strength of the "Professional" control devices is needed.
Power per LED outlet400 mA (about 100cm LED-Strips)500 mA (about 120cm LED-Strips)500 mA (about 120cm LED-Strips)Please use only LEDs with a power consumption up to the specified maximum value.

Note: the maximum lengths of LED Strip apply it only to the LED strip offered by us, as the other power strips may vary.
LED outputs with fuses / short circuit protectionJaJaJaWe have equipped each LED output separately with a protection mechanism against overloads and short-circuits.
Sequence-light-effectJaJaJaThe visual highlight of our stair-light - the soft dim, gradually turning LEDs - is naturally integrated into each of our LED controllers.
Ambient lightingJaJaJaUnused LED channels can be used to provide additional staircase lighting (e.g. for a 10-step staircase, channels 11 to - depending on the controller - 14/16/20 are free for use). These channels are permanently on low dim, but illuminate when the sensor is triggered. Perfect for LED strips in handrails or additional ceiling spotlights.

An optional daylight sensor deactivates the ambient lighting channels, providing further energy savings.
Continuous lighting of the curtail stepsNeinJaJaThe controller allows a continuous (low dim) illumination of the curtail steps, which provides more safety in dark envoirements. The optional light-sensor will also deactivate these channels at daytime.
Permanent activation modeJaJaJaThe controller has a connecter for an external switch, which activates all LEDs and disables automation.
Light-sensorJaJaJaAn optional daylight sensor deactivates system automation during daytime, ensuring the lighting system is switched on only when required.
Connection for extension-modulesNeinJaJaThe modular design of the "Professional" control-units, the functions can be easily and inexpensively expand your needs.

Thus, for example, a fire alarm system can be linked to the stair-light, or the LED outputs of the controller can be extended.
Relay-terminals for (waterproof) IR-break-beamsNeinNeinJaThrough two relay-terminals you are able to connect (waterproof) IR-break-beams or HF-sensors. This allows also - installed in accordance - the outdoor use of the controller "Professional".
Connection for home-automatizationNeinNeinJaSignal inputs (switchable via relay actuators) in our "Professional"-control-unitsw allows a connection to existing home automations.
Connection for a fire-alarmNeinWith the module "Alarmkontakt"With the module "Alarmkontakt"The module "alarm contact" makes it possible to connect a fire alarm system to the stair lights. When an alarm occurs, all lights are activated at full power immediately. In addition, a slightly dim, repetitive running light indicates the correct escape route.
Connection for an additional motion sensorNeinWith the module "Bewegungsmelder"With the module "Bewegungsmelder"As long as people are located on the stairs, the additional motion sensor will keep the lights activated - without unnecessarily long off delay.
Calibrating the time the light takes to turn on and offJaJaJaThe on- and off-speed of the stair lighting can be set with two separate knobs on the control-unit according to your wishes.
Calibrating the delay-time between on- and offNeinJaJaThe time delay between switching on and off can be adjusted or extended at this function via a knob on the controller. (1 second to 10 minutes).
Calibrating the max. and min. brightness (stairs)Set to 100% / 0%Set to 100% / 0%JaThis configuration option allows you to adjust LED brightness. For example, too bright LEDs can be limited.
Calibrating the max. and min. brightness (ambient)Set to 100% / 20%Set to 100% / 20%JaThis configuration option allows you to adjust LED brightness of the ambient-lighting.
Sensor fine-tuningNeinNeinJaAdditional modes to fine tune the sensors optimize the sensor detection even in difficult installation situations.
Mode for non-dimmalble LEDsNeinNeinJaThis option allows to disable the dimming function of the controller.

Activated, the LED outputs of the controller only switch "on" and "off" which allowes to use non-dimmable LEDs.
Mode for basements and atticsNeinNeinJaMode for basements and attics.
Content of delivery    
IR-motion sensorsJaJaJaTwo movement-sensors are in the content of delivery.

The sensor is a motion detector which works without a reflector or a receiving unit at the other end of the step. The small, self-calibrating sensors have to be mounted at each end of the top and bottom steps.
Power supplyJaJaJaThe required power-supply is always included with the LED control units.

All power supplies offer extensive protection circuits such as a short circuit, overvoltage and overload protection.
User manualJaJaJaA full user guide (German, English, or French) is always included.
100% "Made in Germany"JaJaJaAll "interactive furniture" LED-control-units were developed in Germany and are completely manufactured in Germany. The result: high quality "Made in Germany" on which you can rely.
HotlineJaJaJaEven after the purchase we do not leave you in the dark. Should a question arise, do not hesitate to call us. We will help you competently and reliably!
Power consumption0,4W0,4W0,4WThe power consumption in operation (including motion sensors) is just 0.4W.
HousingDIN 43880 9TEDIN 43880 9TEDIN 43880 9TE 
CertificationsCE, RoHs, WEEECE, RoHs, WEEECE, RoHs, WEEE 
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