Do the sensors work with open staircases as well?

The sensor used in our system consists of a motion detector which works without a reflector or a receiving unit at the other end of the step. Therefore it is absolutely no problem to use our system with an open staircase.
Regarding the calibration of the sensors the usage with an open staircase is also no difficulty. The sensor calibrates itself when switching on the controller and automatically detects the area within one meter distance from the sensor.

If there is no opposite side of the stairs and the steps are smaller than one meter, there is also an easy solution for calibrating the sensors: The sensors can easily be calibrated to the smaller step width by using an item like a cardboard box. The box is put in a suitable distance from the sensor on the stairs and then the system is switched on. Now, the sensor calibrates itself to the preferred step width (which means the distance to the box) and movement outside of this distance is not affecting the sensor, even if the stairs are open to one side. Of course the box is only needed for calibration, in operation the sensor regcognizes the defined width automatically.

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