LED-stair light - The concept


It’s easy to sum up the interactive furniture approach:

We bring light into the darkness. Our innovative lighting systems are specifically developed for staircases and hallways, offering you advantages every step of the way. As you ascend or descend the staircase, automated spotlights sequentially illuminate each step.

The lights function independently from the surrounding room lighting, making every step safer. Safety has never looked so good! As a design feature, this energy efficient product from interactive furniture will help your property shine. 


Connected to the motion sensors as well as LEDs and powered by a common power supply, our LED control unit is the central element of your stair lighting. For your number of stages, LED illuminant type and above all your personal requirements and wishes, one of our three units is the right choice:

Control unit "Home 2016"


The "Home 2016" control unit is characterized by its easy handling: it is completely pre-set and in the complete set with two suitable motion sensors and a powerful power supply. Simply unpack and get started.

Suitable for up to 16-step stairs
Adjustable on / off speedt
Housing for mounting on mounting rails
Power consumption of just 0.4 W

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Control unit "Advanced 4020"


The new "Advanced 4020" control unit with increased switching capacity is also suitable for long staircases in old buildings and   offers you the most frequently requested functions of the LED staircase lighting at a special price-performance ratio.

Suitable for up to 20-step stairs
40% higher switching capacity
1st step illumination & Quick-start-feature
Range of functions is modularly expandable

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Control unit "Professional 9020"


Maximum performance and maximum customization: The "9020" series of our automatic stair lighting "Professional" for demanding projects and diverse applications.

Numerous configuration options
Optimized for home automation
4k dimmer with adjustable LED brightness
StandbyPLUS: Maximum energy saving

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The LED-lights

Stair lighting with LED-spotlights

Stair lighting with LED-spotlights

The staircase lighting with high quality LED spotlights looks particularly elegant. The LED can thereby be mounted on the wall, and on the stair stringer. LED spotlights with directed light create a glare-free lighting of the entire staircase.

Our tip: Surface-mounted LED spotlights can be glued directly to the stair string - for the connecting cable is just a small hole in the cheek necessary. In many wooden stairs, these cables can then be easily and completely invisible laid in a reverse milled cable channel.

We have put together a selection of high-quality LED spotlights in our store. Our range includes surface and flush variants, high quality stainless steel and aluminum versions, as well as different colors of light.

Stair lighting with LED-strips

Stair lighting with LED-strips

One way to illuminate a stairway is the use of LED strips. These can be applied directly under the stair, or embedded in a milled channel. Optionaly an aluminumprofile can be used, which protects the strip against damage and diffuses the light optimally.

Turned off completely invisible, the gradual lighting with LED-strips produces a particularly intriguing light effect. Another advantage is the uniform illumination of the stage on the complete width.

In our online shop we offer a selection of high-quality LED strips and Aluminiumprofieles. Our bestseller: The "100cm ready-to-connect strip" with a 100cm connection cable. This can be used directly without soldering and is available in two different light colors.

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