Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

With our 3D printer of the latest FDM generation, we are able to implement your project ideas in a short period of time to tangible prototypes.

Lampe mit Gestensteuerung

Touchable colors

3D-printed LED-light with gesture control.



interactive furniture developed this 64 pixel LED-surface with 576 integrated LEDs. 


Automatic LED-Stair-light

In this stair-light project we used our controller "Professional" at Elektro Daniels, Ostfriesland. 


Automatic LED-Stair-light

In another project of the "Automatic LED-Stair-light" we used 0,5W-LED-spots on the side of each step.



interactive furniture developed a 170cm to 80cm large LED-frame. The highlight of the mood-light is the gesture-controll. This feature allows to select the color by hand gestures.


In cooperation with SKK-lighting, London we developed the minimalistic LED-candle. Platform, as well as energy source are three AA batteries.

"Romantische Maschinen"

Lighting design

At the fair "Romantische Maschinen" in Hamburg, interactive furniture supported the designer Gesa Hansen on the elecric part of her exhibit.